The Power of Community

Why Community Is Important To Us

Community is a big part of who we are here at Cohesive. It’s not just a by-product that happens when people get coffee in the same building- it is something intentional built into our DNA. We want to create a space where people feel at home; where a family is built and lives are connected. Why?

In a world of corporate ladders and quotas- where a transaction between business and customer is just that: a transaction- we want to put serving back into the service industry. True hospitality should be something that is shown, not told; and today, finding genuine community outside of safe, daily routine is important! Even more so if that space is as comfortable and valuable as home.

Home is ultimately not about a place to live but about the people with whom you are most fully alive. Home is about love, relationship, community, and belonging, and we are all searching for home. - Erwin McManus

In the month since opening- we have been blown away by the community we’ve seen happen inside these four walls. And as a staff- we want to continue to grow in our hospitality and how we serve not only our customers, but our Greenville community as a whole. We are honored to be a place in which people choose to do life alongside their home and work.

We also love the community around coffee in Greenville. The shops around us are focused on everyone growing to be better together rather than a competitive drive against each other. Specialty coffee in Greenville is a family- and we have been welcomed well into that family.

Throwing Stigma Under The Bus

Wide Wonder

This weekend Cohesive will be hosting The Eating Recovery Center and Wide Wonder and their event “Throwing Stigma Under The Bus” to help shine light on mental illness and eating disorder stigmas. Come hear stories and be a part of the conversation on how to help end the stigma of mental illness in Greenville, SC.

All coffee and pastries will be free between 9-11, so don’t miss out on a chance to support an amazing organization and try some amazing coffee!

Wide Wonder started when the Cruze-Harrington family converted a school bus and hit the road with their two kids. Their goal is to end stigmas associated with mental illness and addiction.


New Coffees

  • El Diablo- Nicaragua- Washed- Cooperative Coffee Roasters.

    • Tastes Like:

      • Vanilla

      • Granola

      • White Grape

  • Gamatui- Uganda- Red Honey Process- Cooperative Coffee Roasters

    • Tastes Like:

      • Black Currant

      • Honey

      • Syrupy Mouthfeel

Meet Your Barista


Meet Rachel. She’s a part time barista but a full time party (and wants you to know she will almost definitely cry tears of joy if you bring a cute dog into the shop). Rachel will be attending a YWAM worship leadership school in January, but until then you can probably find her sipping an oat milk cap with friends, or making music. Make sure to say hi, and bring your dogs too!!

Josh Williams