The First Week


We have been officially open a week!

7 days being open. It sounds like a tiny blip on the radar- but it is the culmination of blood, sweat, and tears. Of teams coming together. Of dreams being fulfilled and prayers being answered. These 7 days mean alot.

Many of you have already come out and supported us and we want to thank each and every one of you! Thanks for believing in community and the power of sharing a coffee or tea with someone.

If you haven’t been by yet- check out some of these pictures to entice you!

Labor Day

We will be open on Labor Day to serve all of Greenville with delicious coffees and teas! Speaking of coffees- we have amazing retail bags now available!

Retail Bags and Bar Offerings

We have some amazing retail bags from Cooperative Coffee available! Currently featuring:

  • Levity Blend- Notes of delicious blend of chocolates and rasberry

  • Kanyan Gathaithi- Notes of Cane Sugar, Red Currant, and Black Tea (

  • Harsu Haro Forest Coffee, Guji, Ethiopia- Notes of Jasmine, Meyer Lemon, and Cane Sugar (Washed Process)

  • Sweet Dreams Decaf (Colombia)- Notes of Graham Crackers, Caramel, and Nougat (Sugar Cane Process)

Meet Your Baristas

We are a family here at Cohesive, and we want to feature our baristas. First up is Nicole!


Nicole is working most mornings- and has been crafting some serious syrups and drink concoctions! Make sure to say hey next time you are in the shop!

Josh Williams